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Stop the violence 6
29.06.2019 16.00 h
Burlington Hotel - Bunbury
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The Stop The Violence Festival is back but has had a massive makeover...The powerful message that this event carries Is exactly as it alway has been!!! ...except this time its personal!!!
After the tragic death of our much loved and dear friend Cara Hales late last year, we knew that Stop The Violence 6 had to be a full tribute to her and a celebration of her life!!! SUNFLOWERS FOR CARA will be a massive indoor music festival held in #Bunbury on Saturday The 29th of June and will feature 28 Band's covering many genres of Live Music!!! We will be using the full complex at The Burlington Hotel Bunbury and the 28 Live Acts will be spread across 3 Stages over the course of 8 Hours!!!
Once again we will be raising money and awareness for Relationships Australia, with all proceeds ti be donated to help provide important services.
We will once again be making a very powerful and united stance against #DomesticViolence and also all forms of violence against women!!!

So peeps, for many reasons this is a very special show...NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

STOP THE VIOLENCE 6 Will be organised and promoted by Global Metal Machine and it's offshoot #GlobalMusicMachine (Kelvin Edward Whitwell , Andrew Whitwel(Froggy) , Michayla Spencer(Micca) and the one n only Mook Ellis) ...

Underneath you will find a list of stunning live srtists and bands that are locked in and ready to stand up to violence!!!

#StopTheViolence6 (#SunflowersForCara) ....A CELEBRATION OF LIFE FESTIVAL 2019!!! Cheers And Peace!!! ...


In No Particular Order Please give A warm Welcome Too The Following Bands and Live Acts...

Beerfridge...These Legends certainly Need No Introduction As They Have been Paving The Their Punked Out Path for as Long as I can Remember!!! BEERFRIDGE Are A Force to be Reckoned with And Annihilate Stages Constantly with Their Brand of Supercharged Thrash Punk. They have helped put The West Aussie Punk Scene Firmly on the Map And Are Well Respected All over the World With A Strong Alliance With The Legendary SUICIDAL TENDENCIES And CRUSTY DEMONS Amongst Others!!! Cara Was A Huge Fan And We are so Proud to have these Lads Playing The Show!!!

Dying Degree...One of the Hottest Live Acts on the circuit right Now These Lads put on An Intense and Exiting Show With their Style of Metalized Hardcore Punk!!! Throw in A Lunatic Vocalist that spends way more time in the Crowd than on the Stage...Don't miss these Maniacs!!! Let's Get Loose!!!

Volatus... Always Highly Entertaining and Full of Energy, These young Guns Will Blow your Mind with a Set of classic Covers That were released before these guys were even Born. Cael is an astonishing Frontman and this band Oozes Old School Rock n Roll Charisma. This will be the 2nd time that Volatus have Graced The Stop the Violence Stage!!! Welcome Back Lads!!!

Big Orange...We are very Proud to have This Band on the Bill, Me and Froggy go way back With Frontman/Guitarist PIGGY DAVIS And He was also a Good Friend of Cara's...Big Orange are Destined for Big Things with their Brand of Indie Rock and Maybe, Just Maybe They might throw in A #Genoa Song (Piggys former band) For Shits And Giggles!!! A Must see For All!!!

scyatic...These All Round Legends are becoming Regulars on The Stop Violence Shows For No Other Reason than I F@cken Love Their Company. Beside that these Lads Put on A Full Blown Thrashing Punk Rock Show with All the Bells and Whistles...Not To be missed...Thrash Punk/Drink/Drunk!!!

All This Filth... Apocalyptic, Industrialized and Extreme Heavy Metal Music is What ATF Do and God Damn they Do it So Well. This Veteran Band Have been around for along Time Now and Finally They are unleashing their Much Anticipated Debut Album MISERY SEASON Just in Time for STOP THE VIOLENCE 6...This Killer Band Will Throw Down and Hit the Bunbury Stage with All Guns Blazing...Horns Up!!! They Haven't Graced us with their Presence since...Stop the Violence 2 And I'm Proud To have them back for another Round!!! ATF Crew Forever!!!

Renegade Girl...These Girls came highly Recommended by Cara Herself and I haven't had the chance To see them Live yet!!! As Soon as we decided to do this Show, RENEGADE GIRL were one of the first Band's that I Contacted...They are a 3 peice Punk Rock band From the Southwest and Feature CONNIE GARTH on Drums Who was a very Close Friend of Cara's so it's very special to have The girls Play Stop The Violence 6...Make Them Welcome Peeps!!!

KIMURA...These Lads Are Running Red Hot at The Moment with The Release of their Stunning New Ep Euthanize/Sterilize And A Well received Slot On The HORNOGRAPHY Juggernaut!!! These Legends Are Insanely Brutal And Drop Big Fat Groove Bombs while Whipping up the pit into A Frenzy. The Songs are Heavy as Hell and These Dudes Know How to Throw Down With the best of Them!!!

Beautiful Cartel...I have No Shame in Saying that this next band is the Brainchild of one of my Best Friends... Mr Glen Herbert!!! Not only is he the Lead Character in New West Aussie Feature Film #ANTICIPATION But He has Also Been the Very Talented mastermind And Driving Force behind Beautiful Cartel For Many Years, Moulding them into many shapes and Forms. They Created A Heavy Version Of This Band So They could open up...Stop the Violence 5 with Band's Like Depravity and UnRavel and Now they Get To Be ????% Themselves...And That my Friends is Where These Legends...THIS LEGEND ... Truly Shines!!!! Much ❤️ Loved By All!!!

Stem Cell...This Band Opened up proceedings On last year's Perth Leg of Stop the Violence 5 and I was really Impressed with The Their Style Of Old School Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I think it's about time that we introduced Bunbury To These Rock And Roll Lifers... StemCell, Ready To Support The Cause And Throw the Horns!!! Show the Lads Some Love Peeps!!!

Suicide Butterfly... Another Sensational SouthWest Band That Are bloody Excited to be playing Such A special Show With A Powerful Message!!! This Female Fronted Hard Rock Band Are going to Bring their Style of Alternative Metal To Bunbury and God Damn, We are in for A Treat. Welcome Aboard Suicide Butterfly!!! Let's Rock!!! ... Another Stunning Live Act, Not To Be Missed Peeps!!!

Variation Of A Theory... Another 2 peice Act from Perth, V.O.A.T Absolutely F@cken Rock and TANE TARRANT is an extraordinary Guitarist. These Lads Have played One of my Headbang For Bonnie Shows and I met them on the set of ANTICIPATION (In Which they appear) Stalked them to Their Car, cornered them And said...You Dude's Have to Play a GMM Show And Now they have played 2!!! Welcome Back V.O.A.T ... And I believe That this may be their First Time playing Bunbury!!! There goes the Neighbourhood ...And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

ROACH BONES...This Southwest Band of Punk Rock Misfits Have Been Very Busy on The Live Circuit lately... Playing with Legends Like BODYJAR , STRUNG OUT And THE HARD-ONS!!! I Have wanted to book These Female Fronted Punk Rockers For some time Now So it's Fantastic To have ROACH BONES Supporting the cause at....Stop the Violence 6...Don't Miss these Guys when we all come together To get...PUNK IN DRUBLIC!!!

Commanda Panda...Are Another insane 2 Peice that feature in Film ANTICIPATION...In the same Vein as THE BLACK KEYS ...The ???? are Highly Entertaining And their Music Makes you forget All Your Problems And Ya just Wanna Dance , Dance , Dance!!! A Brilliant Act from Perth That Oozes Rocka Rolla And If you are yet to hear them... Check Them Out Right Now!!!

Triangle Fight...These Lads (And Ladette) Are A 4 Peice Progressive Act They Hail from Perth. The band have Released 3 Albums And Are An In Demand, High Energy Live Act That Specialise in Experimental Electronic Party Rock...In The Same Vein as MUSE, We know that we are in for A Good time. The only fight at...Stop the Violence 6, Will Be The TRIANGLE FIGHT!!! It's Party Time People!!! A Must See!!!

Fields... Really Excited To have This very Talented Multi-Instrumentalist and Solo Artist Locked in for...Stop the Violence 6!!! FEILDS Has been Really Busy Gigging her way around Western Australia of Late and has just Released her Debut Ep (GraceField Avenue) and it's Lead Single PROMISES Which have been Received Really Well!!! She Also Appears in ANTICIPATION And is an absolute Delight to Witness Live...Don't Miss This Songstress on the Night!!!

My Shadow And I... Introducing MY SHADOW AND I, Playing their Debut Show At...STOP THE VIOLENCE 6!!! This HardCore Punk Band Are itching to Hit The Live Circuit with All Guns Blazing...Their Lead Single DRUGS Has set the bar very High for What's to come...All of the Lads are seasoned Musicians That have come together to Breathe Life into This Stunning New Project!!! I see Big things Ahead for these boys!!!

#TrimTheFat...Super Stoked to Have This band on The Bill, Although I Know very Little about TRIM THE FAT, I do Know that their set is gonna be full of Blink And ya will Miss it Brutality!!! I haven't been able to Find Much information on these Southwest Grinders but I do Know that This band Features Amongst their Ranks Karl Heussenstamm (Guitars) From BEERFRIDGE And Noel Matthew Carpenter From RABIED ABBOTT And WITCHCLIFF On Lead Vocals...So, In Saying That...Do not Do yourselves an Injustice by Missing TRIM THE FAT On the Night!!!

#LIFEKOACH ...Another Edition to This Already Amazing Line-up is HIP HOP Crew LIFEKOUCH Lead By The Charismatic CAMMIE D!!! I'm Not Sure What Rappers Will be joining Cammie on Stage But I have Witnessed these guys in The Flesh and God Damn, They Know how to Throw Down with the best of them...Hip Hop Stylez!!! And as This is A Multi Genre Music Festival, The KOUCH Are Mighty Fine Edition...Cammy And Cara were also really Close Friends Which Makes it even More to Special To have them Play This Show!!! Get Ya Dancing Shoes On!!!

#REVEL... Another Really Special Edition To...Stop The Violence 6!!! REVEL Is The Brainchild of PETER RENZULLO Who is The Mastermind Behind New West Australian Feature Film ANTICIPATION!!! Their Music is Quite Dark and Doomy and This Band Also Features the Undeniable Talents of GLEN HERBERT From BEAUTIFUL CARTEL Who Plays LENNY In the Movie!!! Will Certainly Hear plenty of Music from the Soundtrack During their Amazing Set!!!

Naked Wizard...Are A Female Fronted Punk Rock Band From The Southwest And Feature Members of CRASHRAT And BLACKWITCH!!! This is their Very First time Playing A ...STOP THE VIOLENCE Show!!! The Wizard are very Entertaining And put On a Full Blown Punk Extravaganza!!! Really Stoked The Have These Dudes and Dudettes on The Bill And Supporting The Cause!!!

#RabidAbbott...Have Been Dedicated Supporters of The STOP THE VIOLENCE FESTIVAL From the Very Start Whether it's Playing the Shows or Just Coming Along to Support the Cause. They Play A Brutal Style of Extreme GrindCore and always put on an insanely Fun Live Show!!! There's A good Chance that they will Annihilate The Stage with Intense Stabs of Brutality On The Night...The Infamous MOSH BANANA Might even Make An Appearance if we are Lucky!!!

#TheTuartThree...This Stunningly Australian Band Are The Brainchild Of The Man, The Myth, The Legend...Mr JEFF BRUCE (Nominated For 9 WAMI AWARDS) ...The Tuart Threes Beautiful Songs Are Short Stories Based on Life , Love , Heartache and Perseverance. I am Very Proud To Have This 3 Peice On The Bill As Their Music And The Friendship That I Have With Jeff, Are Something Very Special Indeed!!! So Let's Dance The Night Away Peeps!!!

Flyball Gov'nor ...These Guys got hold of Me and Really wanted to Play this Show and Support This Cause!!! FLYBALL Play a very Eccentric Brand Of Thrash Punk Jazz And Definitely Have Their Own Thing Going On...A Very Unique Band!!! Fronted By The Very Quirky, Vocal PowerHouse MEL ANASTAS, These Guys are Another Band...Not To Be Missed!!! Let The Good Times Roll!!!

#WitchCliff...One Of The Heaviest Bands To Emerge From South Western Australia in Recent Times, WitchCliff Have hit the Live Circuit With All Guns Blazing!!! This Female Fronted 4 Peice Band Play an Earth Shattering, Spine Crumbling Form Of Sludge Doom. These Guys Bring The Noise And Pump up The Volume To... Maximum Annihilation!!! Featuring NOEL MATHEW CARPENTER On Drums, This Makes Him The First Man To Play In 3 Band's on A...Stop The Violence Bill!!! I hope you Have Insurance... WITCHCLIFF Are in Town!!!

#InnaSanatorium...This Collective Features A Talented Array of Heavy Metal Musicians From The South West And Perth, Coming Together To Annihilate Stages with A mix of Extreme Originals And Classic Covers. So far only playing 1 Show that was Very Well Received, It Is My Pleasure To Welcome To The Fold ...THE INNASANATORIUM COLLECTIVE!!! Horns Up!!!

#ChildLikeEmpress...This 2 Peice From Perth Are a talented Band of Brothers Featuring LANCE and CHRIS BROWN. They Put on a Bloody Great live show Playing Their Style Of Contemporary Metal With Plenty of Catchy Pop Punk Elements...Great To have these Lads In The Bill... Let's Get Rocked!!!

#KingsToTheives...Play A Unique Style Of Sexxy , Coastal , Stoner , Funk , Rock... They Are A 4 Peice Band From Mandurah (Featuring JOSEPH MILLS From ANTICIPATION) ...So Bring Ya Best Dancing Shoes And Dance The Night Away As KINGS TO THEIVES Rock The House At...STOP THE VIOLENCE 6!!!

Boson Fire...Are A Super Classic Rocking Stoner Punk Inferno From Perth. Ignited By The Elemental Nucleus Of Bass, Guitar And Drums And with A Scientific Application Of Fuzz Bending Overdrive, This Super Charged 3 Peice Rocks it out On The Edges Of Space And Time!!! Opening up The Sparkle Lounge Stage, Don't Miss Em Peeps!!!

Cartwheels In The Dark...Play A Unique Style Of Punky Folk Grunge and Put On an Amazing Live Show. Their Last Album, LETTERS TO SANDY Has been on Heavy Rotation in My Household Ever Since it's Release. It's always Been My Absolute Pleasure To Have These Lads Involved In My Shows As They Are Alot Of Fun, On The Stage And Off!!! ...And Did I Mention That They Have A Shredding Guitarist That's Legally Blind, WTF The Coastal Sounds of CARTWHEELS ...The Total Package!!!



Burlington Hotel
51 Victoria street
Western Australia
Country: au


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